Professional Jewelry Services in Waipahu, HI

Regular maintenance is needed to be able to maintain the beauty of your jewelry. Our jewelry services in Waipahu, HI offers you various services that range from repairs to custom-made jewelry for your convenience. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we assure you that our goldsmith can handle custom-made jewelry, jewelry redesigns, and reconditioning of existing pieces.

Our Services

We guarantee that your existing jewelry piece is in good hands if you chose to restore it with us. We at Golden Cut Jewelry always handle our client’s needs and wants with utmost care to promote customer satisfaction.

Here are some of our services but not limited to:

1. Jewelry Repairs

We do quick jewelry repair services in Waipahu, HI when it comes to minor changes and fixing minor issues such as shortening bracelets, replacing swivel clasps, and repairing chains.

2. Cash for Gold

Do you have any gold and jewelry you no longer need or need to get rid of? We offer cash for gold services where we’ll buy your jewelry from you. Upon inspection, we’ll pay for your piece worth its price.

3. Cleaning and Inspection

No matter how old or less the jewelry’s value is, it still deserves to be taken care of. Jewelry that isn’t purchased from us will be cleaned and inspected for a fee.

4. Ring-Size Adjustment

Despite how careful and considered a ring was made, there’ll always be a case where the ring would feel too fit or too loose for comfort. If your ring was newly purchased from us, we’ll resize it for you for free.

5. Pre-Owned Rolex

If you have an old Rolex watch that you want to get rid of, come to our jewelry shop instead and buy it from you. We’ll give you a good price for it.

These are just some of the jewelry services that we offer in Waipahu, HI. If you ever need a new jewelry collection or repair services for your jewelry, just give us a call at 808-291-1158 or email us at