Golden Cut Jewelry: Top Provider of Cash for Gold Services to Residents of Kapolei, Hawaii

Golden Cut Jewelry is a well-known jewelry seller and gold buyer with extensive experience in precious metals and diamonds. Our jewelry store is the best place for cash for gold services in Kapolei, HI, as we consistently outperform our competitors in terms of payouts and service.

There are many jewelry sellers in Kapolei, HI, but Golden Cut Jewelry is at the top of the list for the most reputable and trusted jeweler in this area and its neighboring communities.

Tips before Selling Gold

To make sure you are getting a reasonable price for the gold you are selling, you have to research how much your gold is worth today. Here are some tips you should do before selling your gold to anyone.

1. Gold markings

The “k” (carats) marking on your gold indicates the percentage of gold in the alloy. If your gold has a mark of 24k or 999, it contains 99.9% of gold in the jewelry. As for 18k or 750, it is made up of 75% gold, while 14k or 585 contains 58.5% gold.

2. Check the Price

Check the current price of your gold to be aware of how much you would gain from it. Do note that the gold price differs between online buyers and pawn shops. The current price of gold online in Honolulu costs $104, 400 per 10 grams. However, the price varies when it comes to local jewelry stores.

3. Reputable Buyer

Only sell your gold to a reputable buyer, such as us at Golden Cut Jewelry. We’ve been in business for 30 years; therefore, we have a lot of loyal customers to back up our reputation.

As the price of gold continuously increases each year, selling your old or unused jewelry is a quick and effective way to gain cold cash. Do you have a few pieces of gold to sell? We pay cash for gold for the residents of Kapolei, HI and its surrounding areas. You may call us at 808-291-1158 to avail of our services.